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5 Tips to Help You Use LED Lights for Christmas

download (3)For Christmas decorations, you can opt for LED lights. While they cost a bit more, they stand the test of time and utilize less power. if you know how to hang and fix LED lights, you can decorate your home a lot better than other people. Follow the 5 tips given below before using them as Christmas decorations.

Tip 1: Decide on Brightness Level

What brightness level do you like? For brighter displays, you can choose a light string with lights fixed not far away from each other. if you are unable to find this type of string, you can buy 2 light string sets and then put them together to get the same results.

Tip 2: Choose a Color

White LED lights emit light that is a little bit blue. In the same way, the light emitted by incandescent lights is a little bit orange. Hanging different colored lights side by side will be a bad decision if you are after a beautiful uniform color. You can choose any color based on your personal taste.

Tip 3: Know Power Levels

The beauty of LED lights is that they consume a lot less power than the older incandescent lights, which means you can use more lights without raising your utility bills. Make sure you know the power that your LED lights will consume in watts. Most lower power LED lights consume no more than 1 watt.

Tip 4: Know How to Hang LED Lights

Do you know how to install them? If you are doing it for the first time, make sure you know how to fix the lights outdoors and indoors. You can change these lights on walls, trees, and pillars. Usually, people use them for decorating trees without spending a good deal of money.

Tip 5: Understand How to Repair them

The strings comprise a pair of wires acting as a parallel circuit. And each circuit gives power to half of the bulbs on each string. If one light on the circuit burns, it breaks the circuit turning off all of the remaining lights on the string. Therefore, you should learn how to fix LED lights on your own.

For this, you can use a good quality voltage meter. Using the meter, you can detect voltage on each end of the wire. If you find a point with no power, you have to replace the light in that area. You won’t need to spend several hours in order to detect a non-functional light on the string as long as you own a voltage meter. You can get help from a friend who knows more about this stuff. If you don’t own a voltage meter, you can buy or borrow one.

So, LED lights for Christmas are easy to use if you follow the tips given above. As a matter of fact, LED lights are brighter than other types of lights and don’t consume that much power. That is one of the most common reasons they are an ideal choice for Christmas decorations.


New House Building Project Turns Into Family Tree

download (4)Whether it’s used as a fort, clubhouse, or just a place to dream, is there anyone who wouldn’t love to have a tree house in their backyard? Your whole family will enjoy creating a spot for your children to play and relax as they use their imaginations to discover exciting backyard adventures.

Of course, any new house building project does require some planning. So, let’s get started.

Location, Location, Location Still Applies

You need to choose the location for your project. It is important to choose a healthy, living tree that has a large enough trunk and sturdy lower branches capable of supporting your tree house. Younger trees may not have the strength needed to hold the structure, and those nearing the end of their life may be too brittle or even rotten inside the trunk. Be sure to check with a professional arborist before you begin your build in order to ensure that your selection is alive and thriving, as well as robust enough to hold your tree house for many years to come.

Deep and well-established roots are essential to the lifespan of the “Family Tree House.” Hardwoods such as oak, maple, and apple can make good foundations for the family project. There shouldn’t be any sign of parasites or disease, as these will weaken the basis for support.

Strong roots might also develop between parents and children as they work side by side to accomplish a common goal.

Give the Whole Family a Say

Any new house building project is an excellent opportunity to spend outdoor family time with your kids and nurture open communication and listening skills. Learning to compromise, negotiate, and accept other ideas is all part of a healthy upbringing, and will serve children well for years to come. Ask them to help make decisions about style, materials, and techniques to decorate the inside. After all, this is their place to have fun, so they should be included in the planning stages. The project can be a learning opportunity for both you and them.

Older children can do some research on new house building strategies and techniques using the internet or library resources. Once they have gathered some information, they can present and discuss it with the whole family before everyone comes to a decision. Younger children will be excited to pick colors and do some of the painting. Knowing that the time and talent of each and every family member is valued and appreciated will make the final outcome that much more special.

Set Out Building Work Accurately With a Rotary Laser Level

images (6)Rotary laser levels are professional equipment used for different purposes in building. Make sure you choose a reliable brand that sells quality equipment, and remember that although this instrument might be pricy but will turn out very useful for any construction work you are doing. The laser emits a laser beam that covers a round circumference that can be used as a reference for even surfaces or perpendicular angles.

If you wish to install a ceiling, a rail, or any other kind of indoor work, you will need an indoor laser level. Place the laser level on an even surface, turn it on and use the laser beam as a reference. If you are doing outdoor work, you will need a laser level made for outdoor use. The human eye cannot see a laser beam in broad day light, which is why these levels come with a beam detector that indicates where the beam is.

If your laser level does not come with a detector, you can purchase one. Make sure you choose a detector that fits the color of the beam of your level. If you need to work with an inclined surface, you need to get laser levels with grade match or grade entry. A level with grade match allows you to outline only certain inclinations, while a level with grade entry allows you to program the inclination that you need.

You can also choose between an automatic level and a manual one. An automatic level is easy to use: all you have to do is place it on an even surface and turn it on. A manual level requires you to adjust it so it provides a straight beam. Manual levels are more accurate if you need to work at a smaller scale.

Before using your laser level, you should make sure it is placed on an even surface. You can use an old-fashioned level to make sure the ground is even before you install your laser level. Once your level is turned on, a 360 colourful beam will fall on everything around your level.

Because it is just a beam, this level allows you to have a clear idea of what is straight and what is not in a simple glance without requiring you to take measurement of everything or to install equipment that takes a lot of room. You can trace the outline of the beam with a pencil to keep track of an even level on a beam or on stair steps for instance.

There is no limit to what you can do with a rotary laser level: these levels can be used to lay out foundations for a house as they provide a constant and reliable indication of an even surface. Building straight walls is also possible if you trace a perpendicular angle from the laser beam or install your level so the beam goes up. For indoor use, rotary laser levels can be used to install straight plumbing pipes or wires, or for simple decoration use to make sure nothing is askew.

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3 Techniques for a Timeless Decor

download (2)The artistry of a flower does not end when it starts to wither. You can actually save your bouquet’s grandeur through drying them up for a lasting home decoration. Even past their heyday, dried blooms still make an ideal gift as they bring joy all year round.

Dried blossoms are a pleasant and inexpensive substitute to crisp bouquets. Some flowers like roses and lavender exude a natural odor and can last for a long time. Primarily, you should harvest blooms at their best. They will not be good for drying if they are already past their prime. You can gather posies from your garden early at dawn or during a cold evening when they aren’t exposed to the sun. If you don’t have one in your backyard, you may visit a local flower shop or simply order flowers online.

The simplest drying method which involves plainly arranging the stalks in a vase with water and leaving the liquid to evaporate does not produce a good result to all variety of flowers. You can apply these drying techniques to your favorite bunch of flowers.

Air Drying

This is an easy method appropriate for floral arrangements. This method goes best with grasses, herbs, larkspur, lavender, roses, strawflowers, tansy and yarrow.

    1. Using a rubber band, group and bind bunches or cut flowers together and remove their bottom foliage. You will notice that once those blossoms start dry, the rubber band will set to constrict.
    1. You can utilize wire coat hangers, clothes lines, ropes to hang the flowers, as long as they are draped inverted in a well-ventilated area. Leave them far from sunlight and make sure there is a space between bunches for proper air circulation.
    1. Depending on the humidity of your location, you’ll have to wait for several days for your blossoms to dry.
    1. Once the blossoms are wholly dried up, store them evenly and wrapped in a tissue paper.
  1. Store them in boxes or any ventilated containers and place them in a cool location. The blooms are expected to diminish by about a half or more. They also tend to have darker colors.

Silica Gel

Silica Gel is a sandy substance used as a medium of preservation that produces a more accurate version of dried flowers. You can purchase this in any handicrafts store that sells floral products. Take note that this method works well with sturdier posies like roses, zinnias, dahlias, daisies and peonies. Blooms considered to be feeble and have thin petals may not be able to endure this procedure.

    1. Get a big container ready and place enough Silica granules inside that will completely sink your flowers.
    1. Soak your blooms in the container for several days or up to a week, depending on how they dry up.
    1. Carefully remove the flower and remove any sandy residue to uncover your beautiful dried posy. Similar to the air drying procedure, the color of your bloom will look different, it may even have a slightly darker shade.
  1. Keep your Silica Gel as it can still be recycled for another “dried flowers” project.

Pressed Method

    1. Gather flowers free from spots or blemishes
    1. Get an encyclopedia or any other heavy book.
    1. Mark a page with a parchment or wax paper then place the flowers face down without overlapping them.
    1. Close the book for seven (7) to ten (10) days, weigh it down and leave it untouched.
  1. Check if the flower has a papery feeling to make sure that all the moisture is gone. You can also use your pressed flowers as a lovely bookmark or stationery.

Apply these 3 techniques in order to lengthen the beauty of your posies. Remember to keep them away from high humidity and direct sunlight to prevent them from breaking down.

Just because your flowers are all dried up, doesn’t mean their natural beauty faded. Grab your next bouquet from florist delivery Adelaide and instead of missing the feeling of fresh posies, transform them into a romantic and classic decor.